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Alpine SPR-60C 6-1/2 inch Car Component 2-Way Speaker System - 110W
624.000 AED

Alpine SPR-60C 6-1/2 inch Car Component 2-Way Speaker System - 110W

  • Alpine
  • Car Speaker
  • 110 Watts
  • 16.5 CM
  • Black
Product SKU: SPR60C

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624.000 AED
Product Rating
The Perfect Balance of Power and Control
A lot of speakers can sound loud
But very few speaker systems can handle an enormous amount of power and reproduce that sound with extreme clarity like the new and improved Type-R speakers
You get all the power handling without sacrificing clarity
Type-R speakers deliver solid performance, superior linearity, efficiency, and great bass response
Upgrade to Type-R speakers and hear the perfect balance of power and control
110 Watts RMS
330 Watts Peak
Ultra Smooth 1 inch Silk Dome Tweeter
Swivel Tweeter Mounting
H.A.M.R. Surround (Patent Pending)
Multi-Layer Hybrid Fiber Cone
Large Square Wire Dual-Layer Voice Coil
High-performance Linear Drive Motor
Feel The Sound:
The Type-R’s class-leading excursion and stable structure offers real-world reduction in power compression
This provides increased bass performance output, as well as a consistent, clean, and distortion-free sound at nearly any listening levelThe woofer cone is made of a multi-layered hybrid fiber that delivers powerful and uncolored vocal performance and musicality
These speakers perform with clarity and almost perfect balance under continuous power demands
Compact Design & Strength:
Small is Better- The new smaller Neodymium Magnet on the Type-R series allows the total speaker dimensions to be smaller
Not only do you get better performance and control, the compact size makes them easier to install in a wider variety of vehicles
Plus, they are much lighter than typical designs using standard magnet technology
HD Polymer Frame: Traditional speaker frame designs rely on steel making them larger and heavier
The new Type-R series uses a revolutionary HD Polymer frame making the speaker stronger, lighter, and easier to install
Ride that Wave: As with many high-end speakers, the Type-R components incorporate Wave Guide technology in the form of a phase plug in the center of the woofer cone
The Wave Guide enhances in-car sound dispersion and helps eliminate phase distortion
Alpine’s unique Dynamic eXpander ring stiffens the cone around the Wave Guide, eliminating a big source of distortion in typical designs caused by cone flexing
Awesome Power Handling: The Type-R series continues its legendary reputation for power handling capabilities
One reason is Alpine’s patented Linear Drive Motor
It uses a square-wire voice coil that is a large 30mm diameter, driven by a small, powerful neodymium magnet
This unique design provides linear motion over an extremely wide excursion, efficiently turning your amplifier’s power into great sound
At high volumes, when other speakers give up, Type-R’s Linear Drive Motor keeps on producing high quality output
Type-R speakers use Alpine’s patent pending Multi roll HAMR surround, a technology developed for many of Alpine’s legendary subwoofer designs
At higher volume levels, a speaker’s suspension system typically loses control and becomes unstable
Alpine’s HAMR Surround combines both large cone area and long linear cone excursion for deep, powerful bass response
The Type R tweeter is an entirely new design that provides crisp, smooth response engineered for the car environment
The 25mm diameter silk dome offers wide bandwidth and tremendous detail
Alpine’s new EQ Ring improves the tweeter’s dispersion characteristics, providing excellent off-axis response
The motor structure incorporates a special copper cap to minimize distortion and enhance vocal presence
You have to hear to believe how great these tweeters sound
Plus, you can swivel the tweeter up to 15 degrees to provide advanced custom sound tuning and directional control by focusing sound where it should be, not pointed at your feet
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What customer bought along with this?
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