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Alpine SPS-610 6-1/2 inch Type-S Series Coaxial 2-Way Car Speaker Set
232.000 AED

Alpine SPS-610 6-1/2 inch Type-S Series Coaxial 2-Way Car Speaker Set

  • Alpine
  • Car Stereos
  • Black
Product SKU: SPS610

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232.000 AED
Product Rating
Alpine sound tailor-made for easy factory speaker placement
Introducing the Type-S speaker line up with multiple size options that fit almost any vehicle
If you want to add incredible sounding Alpine speakers to your system, this is the way to go
This latest offering from the popular Type-S family of speakers is a best bet upgrade, and still budget-friendly
Great sounding speaker upgrade at a competitive price
Perfect for OEM upgrade, with many sizes to choose from to suit almost any vehicle
New cosmetics that look good in your car, and fit easily in stock speaker locations
Improve the output and sound quality of your vehicle with these highly efficient speaker choices
High efficiency design runs easily off of factory or built-in head unit power
Anatomy of the New Type-S Coaxial
1 inch Wide Range Silk Dome
Soft silk dome diaphragm with rigid aluminum provides high resolution and wide-band response
Optimized magnet circuit drives CCA wire and soft silk diaphragm with high efficiency
6x9 version Type-S as soft dome & horn loaded hard dome
Swivel Tweeter: More than 10 degree swivel for sound tuning
High Grade Network Components: Less restriction results in dynamic, open sound character
High Excursion Suspension (Surround): Butyl rubber surround for natural response and stability
High Excursion Suspension (Spider): Progressive Aramid fiber spider with optimized shape for deep bass, linearity and break-up mode control at high dive levels
FEA Optimized Motor Structure:
Yoke shaped reduces magnetic leakage
High-grade strontium magnet
Maximize linearity and motor strength
High Power Handling: Large diameter voice coil (30mm diameter)
>250 watts peak power
Stable Voice Coil Structure: Rigid & strong VC structure contributes to clear sound with high efficiency
Tightly packed square wire structure puts more turns in the gap and adds strength
Aramid reinforced TIL bobbin holds wire very rigid
Square VC wire + strong magnet = High efficiency with low distortion
uned Poly/Mica Cone: New cone structure with strong mica results in faster energy transfer & clarity
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