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F&D A111U Multimedia Speakers
114.000 AED

F&D A111U Multimedia Speakers

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Product SKU: FANDDA111U

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114.000 AED
Product Rating
USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding.
4" full range driver for satellites speaker 4" heavy duty subwoofer speaker.
Heavy duty metal grill for satellite.
Plug & play USB/CARD (SD/MMC/MS) reader.
Play/Pause, Next, Previous three buttons for USBreader control.
High efficient energy saving design for Low Power Consumption.
Side panel controls for volume and bass.
Green LED power on indicator.
Heavy duty music
FourInch full range driver for sattelite speaker and ditto for subwoofer speaker Connect these to your MP3 Player, PC, TV or CD/DVD player and listen to what you want to listen, easily.
Best in category for control
It"s not only the fully functional remote control that comes along, this black beauty also gives you volume and bass controls on a side panel.Small size and simplicity work in user"s favour.
Card reader & USB connectivity
Connect the speakers to that SD card of your tablet or MMC card of your phone. The reader accesses and plays all audio with magical clarity.
Digital FM experience
These 2.1 speakers are built in with advanced PLL technology to let you surf your favourite FM channels with complete ease.
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