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Filly Mermaids Underwater Carriage
58.000 AED

Filly Mermaids Underwater Carriage

  • Dracco
Product SKU: M063011

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58.000 AED
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In their beautiful underwater coach the Filly Mermaids could explore its colorful underwater world. The journey takes you past coral reefs, seagrass and underwater canyons. The set includes the underwater coach with a beast of burden, a Filly Mermaid and a matching collection card. The crown of Filly is decorated with a Swarovski crystal!
High above the Filly World is a very special place called Skylia—home to the Filly Stars, all known for their magical horns and big, beautiful feather wings.
The most well-known of the Filly Stars are the ones who live in the Starlight region of Skylia: the Filly Skylights, Filly Sunlights and Filly Starlights. These are the ones who influence day, night and weather in the Filly World. The Filly Sunlights guard the Star Palace, which is the magical entrance to Skylia from the outside world. To know more about Filly world, visit www.filly.com
Recommended for children over 4 years.
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