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Frozen Create Greating Cards
58.000 AED

Frozen Create Greating Cards

  • Lisciani
Product SKU: A52936

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58.000 AED
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Create cards for every occasion with Elsa and Anna!
This rich package contains everything needed to allow children to create original greeting cards for parties and special occasions. It includes the cards to create pop-ups, the stickers and markers to decorate, write and draw on them, and the stencils, ribbons and tulle to embellish and customize your greeting cards.
- Create postcards with pop-up inserts
- Decorate with silver paper and tulle
- Draw with stencils
- Attach a variety of coloured stickers
- Embellish your creations with bows and ribbons
- With pre-printed greeting cards ready to give away

AGE: 5+
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