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Kenwood KAC-PS647 4 Channel Car Amplifier - 500W
331.000 AED

Kenwood KAC-PS647 4 Channel Car Amplifier - 500W

  • Kenwood
  • Car Amplifier
  • 500 Watts
  • Black
Product SKU: KACPS647

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331.000 AED
Product Rating
The KAC-PS647 4-channel amp delivers 40 watts RMS per channel to your full-range speakers
This amp will bring new life to your factory speakers, but youll really notice the difference when you pair it up with new aftermarket speakers
Switch the amp over to 2-channel mode, and you can get great performance from a set of components or a couple of subs with up to 130 watts RMS per channel
This versatile amp features separate frequency filters for the front and rear channels, along with speaker-level inputs and signal sensing turn-on
So you can put this amp to work in just about any kind of system
Aluminum cover plates protect the amps connections and controls, giving your installation a neat, professional look
Number Of Channels: 4 - Channel
Minimum Impedance Unbridged: 2 Ohm
Minimum Impedance Bridged: 4 Ohm
Bass/Gain Remote: Not Included
Speaker Level Inputs: Yes
Maximum Input Gauge Size: 8 Gauge
Amplifier Class: AB
Series: Performance (Kenwood)
Built In Crossover: Full (AP)
Brand: Kenwood
Combined Rms Power Output: 260
Combined Peak Power Output: 500
Preamp Outputs: 0
THD: 1.00%
S/N Ratio: 100dB
Dimensions: 315 x 200 x 56 mm
Rms Output at 4 Ohms: 4 x 40
Rms Output at 2 Ohms: 4 x 60
Rms Output Bridged at 4 Ohms: 2 x 130
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