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Lenovo A319 4inch 5MP - Black
258.000 AED

Lenovo A319 4inch 5MP - Black

  • Lenovo
  • 4 Inches
  • 5
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 512MB
Product SKU: LENOVOA319

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258.000 AED
Product Rating
Lenovo A319 Smartphone The ultra-portable Lenovo A319 Smartphone delivers rich, powerful Dolby audio through its bass - enhanced earphones and can play tracks non-stop for up to 10 hours
Streaming and sharing tunes is a breeze, as is capturing 5MP photos
Dolby Digital Plus: Whether its music, movies, or games, the Lenovo RocStar (A319) smartphone delivers an exceptional audio experience
Through Dolby Digital Plus, everything sounds richer, deeper, and more realistic, plus the quality of the A319s earphones surpasses most standard in-box earphones
Ultra-portable, with 10.16cm (4) Display: A 10.16cm (4) screen lets you send messages, play games, watch videos, and surf the Web with ease. Yet the Lenovo RocStar (A319) is compact enough to fit easily into your bag or pocket. So you can enjoy your music anytime, anywhere
Long Battery Life: The Lenovo RocStar (A319) battery is big enough to go all day and into the night - without charging
If youre just listening to music, for instance, the A319 will run for up to 10 hours straight
Integrated Front & Rear Cameras: The Lenovo RocStar (A319) 5MP auto - focus camera makes light work of capturing clear photos and video. What’s more, its front camera makes video chatting easy and fun for you & your friends
Built-in Lenovo Apps: Do more with your Lenovo RocStar (A319) with built-in apps like SHAREit, which lets you share music and other files wirelessly without network charges or even a WiFi connection; Security, which speeds up your phone and protects it from viruses; and SYNCit, which lets you back up and restore your contacts, SMSs, and call logs
Dual Core Processor: The power of dual core processing means you wont be waiting for apps to open or your next track to play
Stream Music - Anytime, Anywhere: Thanks to the award-winning online music streaming service Guvera, you can discover and play the best tracks from around the globe - at no cost
Enjoy having over a million free songs at your disposal and, with the preloaded apps unique #Play feature, you can even use hashtags to search for music
Android 4.4 KitKat: Android 4.4 takes system performance to an all-time high by optimizing memory and improving your touchscreen so that it responds faster and more accurately than ever before
This means that you can listen to music while browsing the web, or race down the highway with the latest hit game, all without a hitch
Expandable Storage: Increase the 4GB internal storage by another 32GB with a Micro SD card, giving you all the space you need for photos, videos, and a huge music library
Dual SIM: One smartphone, two phone numbers. Whether you wish to take advantage of different data plans to save money, use your smartphone overseas or simply want to separate business from pleasure, the A319s dual-SIM configuration has the answer
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