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Logitech Keyboard K120
68.000 AED

Logitech Keyboard K120

  • Logitech
  • Keyboards
Product SKU: LOGIK120

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68.000 AED
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Logitech Keyboard K120 is a smart and sleek keyboard that serves as a stylish and active accessory for your PC. It is an ideal keyboard with virtually silent keys and durable design. White, bold, bright and easy to read characters give you a more comfortable and reliable typing experience with K120. “Plug and Play” USB connectivity is a valuable feature that extends its usage. It is wired for simplicity and works with Window-based PCs. The adjustable tilt legs let you manage the typing position for a prolonged period of typing. The layout of Function Keys, Number Pad and Character Keys is the one you are used to it. All in all, K120 is simple yet awesome keyboard for all your typing needs.
Easy to Read Bold White Characters
Virtually Silent Keys
Designed for Windows-based PCs
Sleek and Durable Design
Plug and Play Connectivity with USB
Adjustable Tilt Legs for better Typing Position
Curved Space Bar
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