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Payment Options
OH! We Know You Are Concerned & We Work With The Best Payment Options!

Roumaan.com accepts a variety of secure and trusted payment methods that vary depending on your country.

The standard available methods for your orders on Roumaan.com are CASH ON DELIVERY (COD) for offline payments. Then we have Mastercard & Visa for online payments.

Credit Cards

Roumaan.com accepts payments online when our customers uses Mastercard or Visa. You can safely enter your entire card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information.

For credit cards denominated in a supported currency other than your local currency, your bank or credit card company may charge foreign conversion fees.

Please note that if the payment is made through credit/debit card and customer wishes to have the refund within the committed delivery time frame from Roumaan.com then a deduction of card payment charges (2.5%) + AED 25 Bank Transfer Charges will be sadly processed.